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This spring Glocalities will conduct a global survey (in up to 20 countries). Until the 30th of March 2020 it is possible to reserve a spot to participate in the Glocalities Spring survey with your own questions and to get access to the full new database before the summer of 2020. All data becomes available via our online research platform, to make instant and easy analyses yourself. Our Glocalities researchers are also available for bespoke reports and analyses.

Global insights into motivational drivers

The Glocalities Survey is an unique global omnibus where we connect your bespoke questions to the full Glocalities database.
The Glocalities database is divided into 12 instruments to gain insights in the motivational drivers of consumer behaviour. With these instruments you can profile all kinds of target audiences based on their values, lifestyle and psychology and understand what it takes to change or induce behavioral change. You will also have the opportunity to compare countries cross-culturally and monitor changes over time.

Glocalities database instruments

Bespoke data into your business challenge

By adding your own questions to our Glocalities database, we can further zoom on the topics and audiences that are relevant for your business challenge.
Think of:

  • Enriching your segmentation (e.g. by adding statements that define your audience)
  • Validating trends or hypothesis (e.g. by asking the opinion about topics which are relevant for you)
  • Profiling your brand consumers (e.g. by asking them in which occasions, for which reasons and with which frequency they use your products)
  • Fine tune your communication strategy for your target audiences (e.g. by testing messages and campaigns)
  • Develop & enrich Personas (e.g. by asking domain specific questions)

This way, you won’t only know how often your clients consumer your products or which messages are more appealing to each target audience, but also what are the values and lifestyle of the group you are targeting. For a limited number of Glocalities clients we have reserved space to integrate up to 10 bespoke questions to the world survey, or in specific countries. The survey is completed by a representative sample of 1,000 respondents per country.

Our offer to you

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You can choose in which countries you want to participate. 20 countries are available in this survey: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, the United States.

The Glocalities survey is conducted via online panels and is representative for the overall population 18-70 years old, based on gender, age, education and region. In some countries, such as Indonesia and India, population segments with low access to internet certain population segments are underrepresented (underrepresentation of old, lower educated, rural).


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