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Participate in Glocalities' 10th Wave Global Survey 

We are preparing our next global survey! This survey provides you with a unique opportunity to stay on top of your target audiences and find new opportunities for growth. This survey features unique Glocalities' instruments designed to uncover the motivational drivers behind the behavior of consumers, citizens and donors. Gain tailored insights into new target audiences to improve your communications and growth strategy, and enrich your existing audience segments with values, trends, lifestyle, and psychology.  

You can express your interest by reaching out through our contact form. Reserve your spot and confirm your participation in the Glocalities World Survey before September 10, 2024. Our colleagues will contact you for discussing the opportunity and details.  

We offer you to add your own questions to our annual survey and get access to the new database.  The data becomes available via our online research platform, which allows you to make instant and easy analyses yourself. We also offer customized support from our dedicated Glocalities research consultants. They can provide you with analyses, reports, presentations, and tailored access to the Glocalities Insights Platform.  

International Insights into Motivational Drivers 

The global survey will include the 12 unique Glocalities’ instruments to gain insights into the motivational drivers of consumer and citizen behavior. These instruments (see figure below) allow us to profile all types of target audiences based on their values, lifestyle and psychology and understand what it takes to change or induce behavioral change. The data also offers the opportunity to compare countries cross-culturally and monitor changes over time.  

Customized Data for Your Strategy and Communications

By adding your own questions to our Glocalities questionnaire, we can further hone in on the topics and audiences that are relevant to your strategy and communications. You can read more about our expertise and cases for inspiration and a further explanation of the added value of Glocalities for realizing your objectives 

Add Survey Questions in Your Countries of Interest 

We allow our clients to add up to 5 tailored survey questions to the world survey, or in specific countries. The survey will be completed by a representative sample of 1000 respondents in each country. You can choose which countries you would like to participate in. 21 countries are always included in the Glocalities world survey: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States. It is also possible to include extra countries that you are interested in. The Glocalities survey is conducted via online panels and is representative for the overall population between 18-70 years old, based on gender, age, education and region.  

Want to Reach out and Learn More? 

Talk to one of our specialized research consultants to find out how our data and insights might benefit your organization. They can prepare a customized offer based on your specific challenges and needs. Reserve your spot and confirm your participation in the Glocalities World Survey before September 10, 2024.    

Martijn Lampert

Research Director

Roel Schoemaker

Principal Strategy Consultant

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