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Psychographic Segmentation Research & Audience Segmentation

Human decision-making is to a great extent driven by intuition, instincts, and emotions. You can only grow your business through connections with people at a deeper level.

Glocalities is a marketing consulting firm that unlocks the human experience by profiling your target audience based on values, lifestyle, psychology, and trends - as well as sociodemographic information. Marketing consultant Simon Sinek famously stated: 

“If you don’t understand people you don’t understand business"

Psychographic segmentation research is the key to know your audience. To understand your target audiences you need to know the motivational drivers of their behavior:

  • the values adopted during their formative life phase

  • the psychological traits which define their personality

  • and the lifestyle choices which express their identity

The reason why Glocalities differ from other marketing consulting firms is that Glocalities' research uses the latest insights of behavioral psychology, cross-cultural values research, segmentation, and marketing research. We deliver practical insights into the motivational drivers of your target audience and unlock their lifestyle and experience on a deeper level. Our psychographic audience segmentation offers many new insights and inspiration for activation.

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As a marketing consulting firm our work always starts with a deeper understanding of your target audience as the beginning of your journey through deep-dives, custom research, or the World of Glocalities application. To optimize the impact of the insights and implement them effectively within your organization, we can combine it with the following services:

  • Strategic workshops (translating the data into strategic decisions within your organization)

  • Product development workshop (identify new product development possibilities)

  • Partnership workshop (brands, celebrities/ influencers that resonate with your target audience)

  • Campaign development (develop messaging that resonates with your target audience)

  • Persona development (creating a data-based persona that reflects your target audience)

  • World of Glocalities Application training (how to use the tool)

  • etc.

To discuss all possible implementation opportunities, contact us.

By psychographic segmentation research you learn:

  • What are the dominant values among your audience? And what are their psychographic audience segmentation profiles?
  • How do these values manifest themselves in the lifestyle choices of your target audience? What music do they like? What are their favorite sports and games? Who are their heroes? 
  • How can you best persuade your audience? Do they tend to be outgoing, conventional, warm or open to new experiences? Which persuasion tactics work with them: ‘foot in the door’, ‘social proof’ or ‘humor’?
  • What trends, such as vitality or flex-gender roles, are salient among your audience? What countertrends can you tap into?
  • How do they behave as consumers? What are their main considerations when buying a product? Which brands are they attracted to?
  • How do they act socially and politically? What charities and causes do they support?
  • What is their age, level of education, income situation, gender, family situation?

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