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Our Team

Danyil Khokhlovych

About Danyil

Danyil joined Glocalities as a Data Analyst in 2022. He has a background in Cultural and Political Sociology. His bachelor's and master's degree gave him a great overview of cultural sector insights and equipped him with necessary skills to conduct sociological research (data analysis, comparative studies, discourse-analysis, interviewing etc.). At Glocalities he manages our database and participates in the development of the World of Glocalities application. Danyil answers technical queries and also works part time on regular projects.

Danyil Khokhlovych

 Data Analyst

Mash Muravina

About Mash

With a background in Behavioural Economics Mash specialises in inclusivity research within Glocalities with NGOs and corporations like Estée Lauder and Always: as well as FMCG strategy projects ranging from cutting-edge start-ups to multi-nationals like Heineken and Unilever. She brings the understanding of what drives the audiences and how to adjust your strategy based on psychographic and domain-specific data.

Mash Muravina

Sr. Insights Consultant

Roel Schoemaker

About Roel

Roel Schoemaker (1963) has a background in social science and has been affiliated with Motivaction International and Glocalities since 1992, currently as Principal Strategy Consultant. Since 1999 he has been advising clients on aspects that affect the lives of consumers in the areas of living, working, shopping and leisure. Roel places the consumer experience at the center and comes from this perspective to advise on target group identification, profiling, finetuning brand positioning and designing growth strategies for our clients.

Roel Schoemaker

Principal Strategy Consultant

Sander Metaal

About Sander

Sander has a long-time experience in values research and segmentation studies. Previously he worked for 10 years at Glocalities’ parent company Motivaction. With a background as a culture and religion psychologist, Sander has advised a wide range of organizations on positioning, communications, and marketing; from government agencies to retail banks to broadcasting companies.


Sander Metaal

Senior Research Consultant

Pieter Paul Verheggen

About Pieter Paul

Pieter Paul Verheggen is CEO and founder of the Glocalities organization. He studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and is passionate about conducting research that aims to find out why consumers behave as they do. Next to his entrepreneurial role at Glocalities, he is the CEO of Motivaction, the largest independent market research agency in The Netherlands. He was 13 years Chairman of the MOA, a Dutch market research association, and is now chairman of the Sales Management Association in The Netherlands. At an international level he is also quite involved, Pieter Paul was a board member of ESOMAR, the global organization of market researchers and is treasurer of GlobalNR, the global network of independent research agencies.

Pieter Paul Verheggen


Melis Karaca

About Melis

Melis is a highly motivated and accomplished marketing and sales professional with several years of experience in various industries. She has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and continued her education at the University of Brighton, where she earned a master’s degree in Marketing. She is currently responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies that drive business growth. Melis is passionate about using her skills and expertise to drive meaningful change and deliver exceptional results for her team and clients. Melis is also passionate about mentoring and developing the skills of junior team members.

Melis Karaca

Marketing & Sales Expert

Martijn Lampert

About Martijn

Martijn Lampert is Research Director and Co-founder of Glocalities.
Martijn leads the Glocalities values, cultures, and trends research program covering 32 countries, based on interviews with more than 230,000 respondents. He is fascinated by people’s inner and outer drivers, structures of meaning and world mythology. Martijn has more than 2 decades of experience in conducting values-based research and helping organizations connect with audiences at a deeper level. Lampert’s mission is to contribute to a higher level of understanding between people, organizations and cultures.
Lampert leads the development of the automated World of Glocalities application for generating instant insights into audiences around the world. Martijn assists multinationals, NGO’s and governments in using social intelligence to achieve their goals in an ever-changing sociocultural context. He is a TEDx speaker and frequently publishes and lectures about audiences, cross-cultural trends, and sustainability. With his research insights and consultancy Lampert focuses on enabling a new generation of changemakers in the non-profit, commercial and public sector to realize the Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030.

Martijn Lampert

Research Director

Nanna Buhl

About Nanna

Nanna joined Glocalities as a researcher in 2020 after finishing a Master in Political Communication.  She is curious about how research and data can be used to explain current trends in society as well as influencing people in a positive manner. She is particularly interested in studying the social changes that are occurring across cultures and how these affect the multicultural markets.   

Nanna Buhl

Research Consultant
Panos Papadongonas

About Panos

Panos Papadongonas is Insights Manager at Glocalities. He helps organizations understand what drives people around the world, so that they can effectively position themselves to resonate with and mobilize their target audiences. Having a background in the social sciences and international development studies (cum laude), Panos has been involved in numerous projects for the non-profit sector, culture & leisure, the travel industry as well as projects relating to Corporate Social Responsibility. He is certified in Consumer Marketing (NIMA B) and project management (PRINCE2). Furthermore, Panos takes care of team planning and mentors new colleagues.

Panos Papadongonas

Sr. Research Consultant

Ismini Sarri

About Steven

Steven van der Kraan

Jr. Researcher

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