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Creative Resilience in the Face of Global Challenges: Insights from "Creative Under Fire" 

Creative genius and social activist Mark Woerde just released his new book, “Creative Under Fire – A Survival Guide for Creative People on Staying Sane While Solving the World’s Insane Problems.” The book includes insightful interviews with the Dalai Lama, psychiatrists, brain scans, and a sub-chapter featuring Glocalities research insights on creatives worldwide. 

The (freely available e-) book is a timely and practical masterpiece about the solving the challenges of today with creativity - Our most powerful faculty for realizing a better future. It is a much needed survival guide for creative people on staying sane while solving the world’s insane problems.  

Mark Woerde addresses a critical issue faced by many creatives, activists, and social entrepreneurs: the emotional toll of being deeply affected by the world's pressing problems while striving to make a positive impact. How can one avoid becoming overwhelmed and paralyzed by these challenges? How can one remain active and effective in advocating for change without compromising their mental health?  

Glocalities analysis of talents and challenges of Creatives 

We contributed to the book with international Glocalities research insights on the talents, ideals and challenges of Creatives from around the world. Based on our research in 63 countries and more than 450,000 completed surveys during the past decade, 22% of people belong to the values segment of Creatives. 

The imagination and the heightened sensitivity of Creatives is their greatest strength. But it can also be a pitfall, when Creatives stay in their head too long without connecting with people with different qualities who can help them take action, set things in motion and realize their ideals.

Glocalities research Director Martijn Lampert explains it further in the book: 

“Examining archetypes, which are universal narratives in storytelling, creatives resonate most with the rebel, explorer, and creator archetypes. This inclination makes them innovative and visionary thinkers who go beyond conventional boundaries. Their ideas and imaginative concepts play a vital role in tackling challenges, and their activism reflects a commitment surpassing the status quo. However, to truly make a difference and instigate change, these ideas must be embraced, implemented, and materialized by others. This process is far from easy. The creative vision must be translated into solutions that resonate with larger, international societal groups beyond the creative community.  

Creatives must connect with the ambitious and innovative value segments of challengers and achievers—individuals who proactively achieve goals and can effectively engage more conservative segments of society. When the bridge between creativity and ambition is established, the momentum for positive change on a global scale will be significant. To initiate all of this, creatives must transcend limitations and actively challenge themselves.” 

''Creative connectors'' are key for exponential impact 

A key insight from the Glocalities research is that an important subgroup of 20% of the creatives are ‘’creative connectors’’, who actively break out of their bubble to introduce and connect people from different networks. They are more risk taking and outgoing than the rest of the creatives and like to work and blend with people with different values and mindsets.  

The research reveals that creative connecters are creative do-ers and problem solvers who actively ignite change and easily connect with people with different qualities, networks and personalities. These qualities of the creative connectors are essential to have in order to realize and manifest creative concepts and have impact at large scale. If the rest of the creatives would focus more on developing and nurturing these connecting capacities and skillsets as well, the impact of the group of creatives at large in realizing their ideals would grow exponentially.      

To see the full video of Martijn Lampert’s explanation of the Glocalities insights for the book, click here: Glocalities Research by Research Director Martijn Lampert - Page 54 - 61 - Creative Under Fire on Vimeo

In the video Martijn uses the Glocalities Insights Platform that we have developed for deeply understanding citizens, consumers and activists from around the world.

Mark Woerde’s book Creative Under Fire offers many valuable tips for creatives, activists and social entrepreneurs. To download and read the book of Mark Woerde book, click here:  

Martijn Lampert

Research Director

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