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Year in Retrospect: What we achieved in 2021?

2021, much like the last year, was associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. This year was defined by new working conditions, habits, and a completely different way of life. 2021 has transformed nearly every aspect of today’s businesses. Glocalities embraced hybrid working environments to ensure the health and safety of our employees and clients. However, during this unprecedented time, we achieved significant milestones, from assisting our clients to grow, receiving important awards to launching impactful reports. As the sun sets on 2021, our team summarized Glocalities’ greatest accomplishments this year.

In 2021, Glocalities launched three reports that revealed significant insights about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the core characteristics of Generation Z, and the rising climate concerns. More specifically, Glocalities conducted a unique in-depth trend survey in 24 countries that measured the change in outlook of the same group of people with regards to COVID-19 pandemic: their initial outlook, right before the pandemic hit early in 2020 and their outlook in November 2020. This study that we conducted in a memorable cooperation with the late Professor Ronald Inglehart, Founder of the World Values Survey, indicated that the pandemic ignites fears but boosts progressive ideals. We and Ron Inglehart were proud to see this study covered in the international media.

Furthermore, our report about Generation Z uncovered five facts: Gen Zers globally are in favor of gender flexibility and same-sex marriage, less in favor of the patriarchy, concerned about discrimination and more pessimistic. Finally, in advanced of the United Nations COP 26 Conference on Climate in Glasgow we released our massive trend study into climate and the environment, in cooperation with Global Citizen and The Independent as a media partner. This report that was shared with the UN Climate Action team revealed that the majority of people globally (78%) increasingly worry about the damage humans cause to the planet.

Despite the importance of the afore mentioned reports, it is worthy to mention that Glocalities received prominent awards in 2021. With our work we enable our clients in the commercial, durables and NGO sectors to grow in awareness, sales and engagement and this is recognized. We received the preferred Partner Recognition award from the Dutch Flower Group. This year, the central theme of the awards was ‘Growth Through Innovation’. Next to this award, Glocalities was decorated as one of the visionary leaders by the US Business magazine, Mirror Review in November 2021.

Another significant milestone in this year was our presence at the NOAH Conference, a collaboration platform for over 67 stakeholder group, that bring sustainable and measurable impact to the World. Martijn Lampert, our Research Director, presented Glocalities and our SaaS research insights app on December 7 at the NOAH Conference, in Zurich. Last but not least, we redesigned our website. The new site provides you an easier way to explore our insights and solutions, delve into our reports, and learn how we can help you step into the shoes of your audience and grow!

As we turn the page of a year full of challenges and achievements, Glocalities looks ahead with optimism and hope. This article reflected on the past, but we are ready to welcome 2022 with new goals and achievements. As Glocalities has been growing the new year will start with numerous fresh projects and lots of fresh data and insights!

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