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A sneak peek into the results of the biggest 2021 survey!

by Nanna Buhl

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Spring is in the air! Not only does spring bring more daylight and warmer weather, but also the annual Glocalities survey! We recently finalized the sixth annual survey and as the data rolls in, we are excited to dig into itWith a stack of 22,000 completed surveys taken in 21 countries across the world*, there is a well of information available for us to start providing fresh values-based insights for international professionals   

Below is a short sneak peek into this yearsurvey and how we are planning to use all the new data. 

identity and purpose statements 

In our recent analysis of the pandemic’s effects on values we discovered that people are more and more interested in the impact that companies have on society. Therefore, it is becoming more relevant for companies to reflect on their identity, their brand image and the societal role they want to takeIn order to report on this developmentthis survey included a chapter on important brand values as well as a chapter on business behavior and the resulting expectations. 

We asked our respondents across the world how they prefer companies to actWe seek to understand what goals businesses and organizations should work towards and if this should be related to specific social or environmental issues. Thus, the questionnaire contained statements about company goals, criteria by which consumers judge a company and which (if any) social and environmental issues they would like companies to raise. Additionally, there was a section on what people find important with respect to their work and employer. 

Having this knowledge will allow us to assist companies in creating or improvingtheir purpose marketing and lifting it to an even greater degree (see how we helped Always in their purpose campaign), as well as ensuring they are in sync with their customers and employeesWehelp companies and organizations find customerswho share their values as well as whether the customers’ expectations of public organizations fit the company profile. This new addition to our survey will be, together with the brand related statements which are already part of our databasean important tool in helping companies finetune their policies, identity and profile. 

Covid-19 impact

We cannot get around it, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a major influence on all livesacross the globe and has influenced decision makers  all around the world. We asked our respondents how the pandemic has affected them economically, but also how living during the pandemic has impacted their lives and wellbeing. We developed this part of the questionnaire to explore attitudes toward the pandemic itself, the national response to the pandemic, and respondents’ attitudes toward vaccinations. 

By analyzing these questions, we strive to learn more about (shared) sentiments on the pandemic in various countriesas well as how these attitudes connect to respondents’ underlying values. This information will be of great value to organizations interested in reacting to the pandemic and reconnecting with their audience going forward. 

Sentiment around the European Union 

Another addition to this sixth annual survey is a section of EU-related statements, only available to respondents living in EU member countries. This section explores respondents’ opinions on the European Union, their feelings as Europeans, and how they feel about the future of the Union

By adding these questions to the survey, we will be able to provide industry professionals with an even clearer view of people across Europe by showing what kind of society they are interested in. Knowing this information about our respondents will help us understand the reasoning behind their political choices and attitudes towards political and social issues. 

Additionally, the annual survey asked respondents aboutheir sociodemographic background, happiness, sustainability, charity, politics, food and beverageshopping habits andbrands and media use which will help us provide insights to people across the world and help companies and organizations be the best that they can be. 

All this information can be readily combined with our Glocalities compass communications toolbox, which consists of archetypes, trends, values segments and values cards, persuasion tactics, aspirations and much more.  

How can you access the data? 

Curious to know more about the implications of this data for your company? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We can create custom offer tailored to your needs. 



Step into the shoes of your target audience and activate their potential with our readily available cross-cultural data, including for example:

  1. Values, lifestyle & trends
  2. Psychological traits 
  3. Brand and NGOs 
  4. Media use 
  5. Persuasion Tactic

Read more about the survey here



You can have a look at the data and discover key insights by yourself with our World Of Glocalities app (free trial available):

  • Run automated reports based on your demand
  • Design your own data-driven strategy

* Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK and USA.

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