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How the World of Glocalities App Helps You Create Successful Campaigns

Want to launch your campaign successfully in multiple countries? In this article, you will discover how you can use the World of Glocalities web application to step into the shoes of your target audience. Go on a journey to understand what motivates your audience, and learn how you can best communicate for securing an optimum return on investment.

The challenge for many brands and advertising agencies is to truly understand what will motivate a specific target audience to act – not just in one country, but in multiple markets. Insights into motivational drivers of target audiences are crucial to design and implement a successful strategy.

Your successful strategy requires in-depth research – something which brands and agencies need to get right as a foundation for campaigns. Typically, such insights are obtained from focus groups or custom surveys – both of which take rather long and are too expensive for most agencies to fully integrate into their client projects and pitches.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could test your hypotheses overnight and instantly be inspired by what you will present to your clients? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if you could do so on the same day and at limited costs?

Glocalities specializes in providing brands and agencies access to in-depth and actionable insights at the click of a button, through the World of Glocalities online app. This application allows you to segment, profile and target your audiences instantly, helping to ensure a successful campaign and sustained competitive advantage.

So, why do so many campaigns fail?

Too many organizations only navigate through the rearview mirror and make assumptions about audiences which are not backed by data. Navigating on assumptions is a waste of time and money. To solve this problem, Glocalities offers a shortcut to understand your audience and unlock your growth potential immediately.

Every year our Glocalities study reaches out to at least 50,000 people across 26 countries asking a broad range of questions across key consumer topics and backgrounds. The insights derived from our data show an enormous diversity between audiences and countries, but at the same time also reveal shared characteristics and opportunities for growth.

We know how frustrating it can be if you have invested lots of time and money to create messages that fall flat on your audience. Campaigns often fail because the campaign message doesn’t resonate with the needs and aspirations of the target audience.

To overcome this challenge, brands and advertising agencies need to create messages that resonate with each specific audience and connect on a deep emotional level.

With values-based insights, you learn to motivate them to take action.

The World of Glocalities app can help you here – you can instantly create a visual and fact-based journey for understanding your international or local audience, helping you understand their values, attitudes and behaviors and how these help shape your strategies.

Values play a crucial part in communication of messages

By aligning your message with what your target audience values, you will have a much more profound connection with your audience and distinguish your brand from competitors.

By using the World of Glocalities app, you will get practical insights on values segments, lifestyle, communication and persuasion tactics, trends, archetypes, brand and media consumption, charity, politics and sustainability insights for your specific audiences across 24 countries:

By having this profound understanding of your audience in specific markets, you will improve the success and the return on investment of your campaign substantially.

Here are some reasons why you should request a trial of the World of Glocalities App today:

Easy to use
The World of Glocalities App is an easy and intuitive tool. You can access the application with your login credentials on desktop or tablet. Once you are logged in, a simple user interface will guide you through the necessary steps to obtain bespoke insights. You can easily define the markets you're interested in and choose your audience. The app instantly delivers and presents the results in a variety of visually stimulating screens at the click of a button. It instantly offers you the right persuasion tactics, media, visual elements and storylines to use in connecting with your audience.

Visually appealing
The app presents the various insights in a mood board-like design, which helps you to easily understand and step into the shoes of that particular audience. On top of that, in several areas, you can watch a video which will provide you that extra bit of understanding and context for a specific target audience or market.

Updated version to be released soon
There is nothing quite like the World of Glocalities app, but we're pleased to announce there is an update coming soon that will make the application even better suited to your challenges.

 As of April 2018, you will also be able to:

•    Use the data from 26 key countries that we are currently researching in our third wave of fieldwork

•    Take advantage of new content and data points including consumer Facebook likes/topics

•    Use tutorial videos embedded within the app for easy navigation

•    Take the Glocalities test within the app – see how closely aligned you and your team are with your audiences!

•    View even more results on screen concerning trends, values, lifestyle, brands, sustainability, and media

•    Enjoy the new and improved user experience and design (improved fonts, headers, etc.)

So why choose Glocalities?
At Glocalities we're constantly striving to create the best communication tools that allow end clients and agencies to drive continued success and we are pleased our clients see the value we deliver:

For an example on how to use the World of Glocalities App, please read our article "Why Most Millennial Marketers are Failing."

If you are interested in having a trial based on a demo of the World of Glocalities app, please contact us.


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