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Gaming Trends in China
Before and During COVID-19 Lockdown

CORONA-19 caused the ‘extinction’ of the non-gamers & women play more than before!

The number of game players goes up 

According to Glocalities' research, there is a rise in the number of players during the COVID-19 lockdown. It seems that the narrowing down of entertainment alternatives, during the stay at home period, prompts more interest in video games.

Based on our research, the overall number of gamers among the Chinese population increased across the board across all genders, men and women alike. Before the epidemic, a total of 42% used to play video games at least three times a week, whereas the number during the lockdown increased to 52%.

Interestingly enough, before the Corona pandemic started, the number of non-gamers dropped among the Chinese people from 18 to 30 years old went almost ‘extinct’ in the lockdown. The percentage of people that never play games dropped from 17% to 2% rendering the non-gamer demographic nearly extinct.

gaming trends 2020

Nearly all young adults play games

The most avid gamers in China are young adults ranging from 18 to 30 years old. Out of the whole group, only 2% of them did not play video games during the lockdown. Among this age group, the interest has risen in games of the following categories: action, sports, and shooter games, particularly.

gaming trends 2020

Women play more after the pandemic started

Curiously, the female demographic displayed an even more heightened interest in video games since the lockdown in China than men. The percentage of women that do not game dropped from 32 to 16%. These research findings lead to a potential opportunity for the brands to adapt their strategy with the female demographic in sight.

Women still play games than less than their male counterparts, a high percentage of which plays almost daily; whereas, only 24% of women play games on a daily basis, six to seven days a week.

gaming trends 2020
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Preferred devices, operational systems among the segments

The Glocalities model has split the general population into five segmentsAchievers, Conservatives, Creatives, Challengers, and Socializers. Each of them has a unique characteristic that defines who they are, based on their behavior. 

Glocalities offers a deep understanding of values, cultures, preferences, and consumer behavior around the globe. The Glocalities survey provides a sound basis to construct the robust and sophisticated Glocalities segmentation model. It is based on the premise that people’s behavior and opinions are shaped by value orientations that are deeply embedded within persons and society. The Glocalities typology enables organizations to align with consumers more effectively and resonate with their basic values drivers.

We have identified the following segments among the world population (click on the segments for more info):

  1. Creatives: Open-minded idealists who value personal development and culture.
  2. Challengers: Competitive workers with a fascination for money, risk, and adventure.
  3. Achievers: Entrepreneurial networkers who value relatives and community.
  4. Conservatives: Family people who value tradition, etiquette, and organized life.
  5. Socializers: Structure seekers who enjoy entertainment, freedom, and family values. 
gaming trends 2020

Among the main segments, the following types preferred an iPhone, Android, or another portable device for video games.

  • Achievers 55%
  • Conservatives - 57%
  • Creatives 59%
  • Challengers 55%

The socializers, on the other hand, had a firm preference for a computer or laptop as a default device.

  • Socializers 66,7%

In conclusion, video gaming brands can find significant opportunities in the shifting landscape of gamers in China. Even if the stay-at-home period is to last only temporarily, the trend may have accelerated a shift that was already in motion.  

With the help of the Glocalities tool, you are able to identify, profile and quantify your target audience and get a deeper understanding of the lifestyle, trends, values, interests, and preferences in archetypes that are often used in the gaming industry.

Use these insights in your communication to resonate with the audience and be more effective in reaching out.

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