Aligning with beauty brands shoppers around the globe

The global beauty industry is set to increase to US$ 461 billion by 2018.



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Without any doubt, the beauty industry has enormous potential. 

However, the recent departures of Western brands from China emphasize that every market has its challenges and requires a tailored approach.

Marketers want to tap into the potential of the diverse group of beauty and fashion consumers.

Most Marketers are failing because they are missing a deeper understanding of the differences between beauty and fashion consumer groups.

The key question to ask: how can you appeal to consumers in different markets and maximize growth? 

If you want to avoid spending lots of time and money on campaigns that do not move your consumers to take action, download the report now.

This flash report will show you:

  1. How value orientations shape people's buying behavior;
  2. How to create messaging that works;
  3. How to run successful beauty brand campaigns.

Here's how you can tap into the potential of beauty and fashion consumers today:

  1. Sign up today;
  2. Receive the report;
  3. Read the report;
  4. Implement the advice.

The report will reveal how to develop target audience specific campaigns to reach beauty and fashion consumers within and across countries.

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