A Nike case study

In this flash report, we demonstrate that Nike users worldwide are ambitious and status-driven individuals, who are geared towards physical vitality, early adoption and being noticed. However, at a regional level, nuanced differences emerge.



Motivaction International and THT Consulting combined their expertise and powerful research tools for recognizing, mapping and using cultural differences to the advantage of companies, such as Nike. The combined approaches offer an excellent opportunity to overcome regional barriers and generate local top spins in sales and brand performance.


Why should you download this report?

Cultural differences create tremendous opportunities, but also enormous challenges for multi-nationals.

Successful global brand navigation in an international field of cultures requires an understanding of local consumer preferences, lifestyles and values. 

This flash report will help you to:

  1. Understand most distinguishing trends among consumers;
  2. Identify consumer segments who are most receptive to your brand messaging;
  3. Align with cultural differences to improve sales.

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The report will help you to understand cultural differences and their influence on local consumer demand. Give you detailed insights into how to position your global brand to appeal to consumers in various local cultures.

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