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Watch: Values, aspirations and lifestyles of Postmaterialists and Authoritarians in 25 countries

Presented by: Martijn Lampert (Glocalities), Professor Ronald Inglehart

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Unique look at Authoritarians and Postmaterialists

On October 6 Martijn Lampert, Research Director Glocalities, presented at the WAPOR conference together with Professor Ronald Inglehart, Professor of Political Science and Founding President of the World Values Association. They have written a research paper about Values, aspirations and lifestyles of Postmaterialists and Authoritarians in 25 countries, based on the 2020 Glocalities survey. 

Relationship between Postmaterialism and Authoritarianism

The academic conference paper explores the relationship between Postmaterialism and Authoritarianism. It tests the hypothesis that, although the two concepts evolved under very different conditions and started from different theoretical perspectives, Authoritarianism and Postmaterialism are complementary concepts that empirically tap opposite poles of a common underlying dimension. 

In order to interpret this dimension in its broader context, Lampert and Inglehart explore how this Authoritarianism/Postmaterialism dimension relates to the other personal values, psychological archetypes, personal aspirations and lifestyle preferences that the Glocalities research program measures.

Lampert and Inglehart conclude that the Authoritarianism/Postmaterialism dimension is a major underlying component structuring the orientations and behavioural preferences of citizens and consumers across and within countries. This finding transcends disciplines and raises many further research questions. A universal Authoritarian-Postmaterialist dimension structuring orientations and behavioural preferences is highly relevant to sociological, psychological, economic, political, developmental, environmental, methodological, cross-cultural and consumer marketing research.

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