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New data in the World of Glocalities Insights Solution 

A few weeks ago, we announced the availability of the 2021 Glocalities data, rich incutting-edge information such as the impact of covid-19 on respondents values and attitudes towards life, the sentiment around the European Union or the attitudes surrounding brands and companies’ purpose.

We are delighted to let you know that it is possible to access all this information in the World of Glocalities Insights Solution! We have been working hard to update the online platform not only with the newest insights, but also with new selection possibilities that allow foramore refined analysis.


In addition to knowing which brands people use, we now also have information available on which brand attributes people find most appealing. Are people more attracted by a charming or an innovative brand? Knowing this information will allow brands to fully cement their brand identity and decide on how to best portray themselves to the right audience. These characteristics have been derived from the Brand personality dimensions of Aaker which can be summarised by its 5 main components: Sincerity, Excitement, Competence, Sophistication, and Ruggedness


Our sustainability section now offers 3 additional categories which allow us to understand in detail what global respondents' main concerns and priorities are. 

These categories are:  

  • Environmental issues 
  • Social issues  
  • Charity issues 

We have further enriched this section by specifying these issues. In the case of environmental issues, we added air pollution or climate change. Child labour, extreme poverty and gender equality were included, among others, in our social issues section. Adding these specifications will allow companies and NGOs to better understand the audiences rallying behind causes that organisations align with. This can also help companies and NGOs to make strategic decisions on which sustainability issues to support, based on their clients or donors priorities. 

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Although we know which media people consume (social media, TV and newspapers), now we also know the frequency with which global populations use specific social media platforms. Given the increasing importance of online advertising, it is important to decide how and where to promote your brand, to ensure that your ads are as effective as possible. Knowing where your audience spends most of their time will help making strategic decisions when it comes to online marketing.

Persuasion tactics

We have also enriched our persuasion section. Now we not only know what people expect from life, but also what they expect from their work.  

This is especially important to better understand what motivates people. Our clients can then use these insights to connect with their audiences on a deeper and more personal level.  

This is not all! It is still possible to personalise the platform by adding your own questions. How? All you need is to create a customized survey or participate in our next wave (link to wave 7 article). The results of your questions will be uploaded in a special section of the platform accessible only by your company.  

So how can this data benefit you and your organisation? Reach out to us or leave your info to be contacted by one of our consultants. We are more than happy to discuss the details with you.


Roel Schoemaker

Principal Strategy Consultant

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