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Glocalities Research Director Martijn Lampert was interviewed by Peter M. Lucas and Lina Vasquez on Instagram Live. Peter is a Transformational Life Coach and Lina is a Holistic Learning Coach - together they host an Instagram live video series called A Life OnPurpose where they moderate thought-provoking discussions with interviewees centering around the topic of leading a purposeful life.

In Martijn's interview, he explains how data can help us dig deeper to understand people's shared values across the world, and how we can leverage this data to connect more deeply with purpose. He talks about examples from Glocalities clients and the online World of Glocalities application. The conversation flowed from topic to topic, touching upon COVID 19's effect on value shifts, how Gen Z is using the Internet to shape a new future, and how our shared values of curiosity and empathy unite us, among many others. 

The full interview

Throughout the interview, Martijn refers to various research projects that he and the Glocalities team have previously worked on. To gain deeper insight, we've linked the free reports and press articles of these projects below. 

  1. The World of Glocalities insights application for stepping into the shoes of audiences and learning about their values and talents based on our global research data.
  2. The video presentation on "Activating the global rich for closing the SDG funding gap" and the report "World calls on billionaires to contribute."
  3. Lampert's TEDx Johannesburg talk about leadership and tapping into the talents of the youngest generation can be viewed here.
  4. The study with key insights on who Gen Z is and what their values are: "Meet Gen Z: Redefining gender roles & challenging patriarchy."
  5. The international trend study "The 2 faces of COVID-19 impact on values" in cooperation with Professor Inglehart.
  6. The study and movie clip on "Friendship across religions" in cooperation with numerous religious world leaders including Pope Francis.
  7. The report about how perspectives on sustainability differ across cultures: "The different faces of sustainability in China, USA, and Europe."
  8. The study on Trust in the United Nations that was shared online by both the offices of the UN Secretary General Antionio Guterres and his predecessor Ban Ki Moon. A blog explaining the Glocalities methodology for researching trust can be read at the UN Website.

Interested in applying our valuable insights to your target audience? If you would like a guided tour of the World of Glocalities application for your brand or organization, contact Martijn Lampert at the email address below.

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