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How to quantify qualitative data:
a look at 'trust in the UN'

by Martijn Lampert;
reading time: 6 min



How to quantify qualitative data: a look at 'trust in the UN'

UN blog about Glocalities methodology

Martijn Lampert was asked to write a blog for United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology. It is about lessons learned to better measure qualitative concepts for improved decision making, based on our UN trust survey and the World of Glocalities Insights Solution. Interdisciplinary research on the links between values, issues & cultures is key to quantifying qualitative data. Lampert also talks about the relevance of archetypes when researching cross cultural narratives of meaning. These insights can be used for improving the effectiveness of public diplomacy and international communications.

Our UN trust survey was released on November 30. It was shared by the offices of both current UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and his predecessor Ban Ki-moon who installed the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. The Glocalities research reveals that the archetype of the Everyman (valuing friendship and togetherness) appeals to people who trust the United Nations. Friendship is one of the highest values of humanity, which we also discovered and published in a study with religious world leaders.

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