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Glocalities in the News - Segmentation Study for Flowers

Consumer Segmentation in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

"The research company Glocalities spent last year carrying out an extensive study on behalf of the Flower Council of Holland, Royal FloraHolland and VGB into the shared values that consumers have when it comes to flowers and plants." This was mentioned in an article published on Hortibiz website.

"The consumer segmentation study carried out in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands has now been completed. The insights that have been obtained will be used by the Flower Council of Holland to make the right strategic decisions and utilize marketing budgets as effectively as possible. The dashboard provides valuable information to stakeholders such as growers and wholesalers.

Glocalities, the international research programme from Motivaction, has combined the research findings with its extensive worldwide data, which means that the segment information is particularly rich in insights. Five new consumer segments have been identified, each with a defining name, specific characteristics and their own value descriptions.

The results of the study will be made available to members by Royal FloraHolland and VGB from 31 January in the form of an interactive tool.

About the Segmentation Study

Segmentation research provides insight into target groups’ shared values, motivators, lifestyle and culture, enabling them to be grouped into segments. By examining these shared values and beliefs at the product level, it is possible to define unique segments and communicate with consumers in a more focused way. You know what interests them and motivates them to buy flowers and plants.

The new study is different in terms of methodology and segment naming compared to the segmentation study previously developed by the Sinus Institute. This is a step change that was unavoidable because two important improvements had to be made: the age category of consumers has been raised to 70+ and the garden plant category has been incorporated in the study.

Access to the Research

The data from the study is exclusively available to members of Royal FloraHolland and the VGB free of charge via an online tool. Growers at Royal FloraHolland and wholesalers at VGB can use the contact details below to access the data. They must have a Power BI account for this. The Flower Council of Holland does not service any access to the tool. Growers can contact Erik van der Meijs from Royal FloraHolland and traders can contact the VGB - Manon Velthuis." 

Published: Hortibiz, 14.03.2019  


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