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Glocalities Employee Corner - Sander Metaal

I think that the SDG's are intertwined. To make Climate action happen, we need for instance clean energy (nr. 7), economic growth (nr. 8) and responsible production (nr. 12).

Can you tell us about yourself?

In terms of Glocalities' segmentation model, I would primarily describe myself as a Creative. Although I recognise elements from every other Glocalities segment as well. I am a social researcher with a focus on values and lifestyle. Interested in the underlying values and motivations of people's choices in everyday life. I was born and still live in Utrecht, ca. 40 km from Amsterdam. Thanks to the Dutch education system, the trips my parents took me on and my own travels, I've learned Dutch (of course), English, German and French. I really enjoy the diversity of languages spoken in the team. My values orientation tells way more about me than my sociodemographics, but to be complete: born in 1978, married to my high school love, father of two kids (11 and 12), master in psychology of culture and religion at Nijmegen University.

And for how long have you been working for Glocalities?

From 2006 to 2016 I've worked at Glocalities' parent company, Motivaction. I was involved in research projects for a variety of clients, from banks, to NGO's, to government agencies. The constant in these projects was a focus on personal values and what drives people in their everyday lives, using the Mentality-model that identifies eight values segments within the Dutch population. After a two year, enriching hiatus, I rejoined Motivaction's daughter company Glocalities to continue my  values based research in an international context.

What are your responsibilities at Glocalities?

My role at Glocalities focusses on research methodology, questionnaire design and the analysis and interpretation of data, in all stages of our research projects. Senior team members consult me on the methodological setup in our proposals. I also train team members in data analysis and the application of values research. 

What part of your job do you like most?

For me, the best thing about my work in international values based research is to gain a better understanding of people, citizens or consumers. And to share these insights with the people and organisations we work with. I like to describe our approach as a sort of systematic empathy; using quantitative research to truly understand what drives people.

Which United Nations’ SDG is the most important for you and why?

That's really hard to choose, because every Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is clearly chosen for it's relevance and urgency, by well-informed people. My take is that Climate Action (nr. 13) is the most urgent of all 17 SDG's. Like the phrase on banners: "There is no plan(et) B". At the same time I think that the SDG's are intertwined. To make Climate action happen, we need for instance clean energy (nr. 7), economic growth (nr. 8) and responsible production (nr. 12).

What makes you happy in life?

Besides my work at Glocalities, I love music; making music as an amature guitar and bassplayer, but even more I love to experience music. Recorded but most importantly live performances. After two years of cancelled or delayed concerts, I'm catching up on gigs these days. My favorite genre is metal (nomen est omen :). But I'm also into mainstream pop, rock or electronic stuff. A concert is always a great way to do some sociological fieldwork and make an estimation of the values segments that are present. Furthermore, I love being in the mountains (on a hike, on a bicycle or just enjoying the view) and I when I feel like chilling down, I read young adult literature.

Would you like to say something to clients or prospects of Glocalities?

I am truly convinced that a solid understanding of the values of your customers / members / constituency / prospects and so on... will help you to better reach and service them. And that this will benefit both them and your organisation.

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