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BREAK OUT OF YOUR BUBBLE: Elevate Your Communication Strategy

In today's society, information bubbles have become pervasive, limiting our perspectives and interactions. It's crucial now more than ever to recognize and transcend these bubbles, especially as we aim to build movements and communicate with audiences holding diverse values and viewpoints.

Glocalities offers a unique live survey database comprising over 0.5 billion data points covering values, persuasion tactics, motivations, lifestyles, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), concerns, consumer attitudes, and more, of people worldwide encompassing 90% of the global economy. To date, our values surveys have been conducted in 63 countries, so we are immediately able to help you with solid and unique insights.

We provide a data-driven approach to translate values into actionable communication insights and narratives:

  • Create your own profile or your team's values profile to gain a data-driven understanding of "who am I/who are we?"
  • Benchmark yourself against any group worldwide to understand your positioning relative to your target audiences.
  • Participate in workshops with your team using our live Glocalities Insights tool and develop tailored recommendations (do’s and don’ts!) for effective communication through interactive exercises.

Understanding the values bubbles uniquely enables you to build bridges with your audiences, even those who may not share your values one-to-one. Effective communication and resonant storytelling stem from comprehending your audience's perspectives, motivations, concerns, and preferred narratives.

We assist teams, companies, and NGOs in:

  • Understanding their own bubbles and reflecting on the implications
  • Identifying the gaps that need bridging with their audiences
  • Determining the values to anchor their stories
  • Crafting narrative arcs tailored to different audience perspectives (e.g., a story from the viewpoint of the Rebel archetype is different than from the viewpoint of a Creator)
  • Striking the right balance between information depth and simplicity for their audience's comprehension.

Schedule an intake session with us to embark on the journey of elevating your communication strategy! In the session, we are available to already showcase relevant insights and examples using the Glocalities Insights Platform.

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