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Profiling Target Audiences for an Innovative Plant-Based Food Company

Future environmental challenges are global and systematic. Therefore, our society's core systems must change dramatically to achieve long-term sustainability goals. This is especially true for food, energy, mobility, and construction systems.

The food system requires urgent and fundamental transformation to become sustainable both in Europe and globally. A sustainable transition started happening in food systems already.

Food shapes our culture and identity, sustains our economy, and influences our relationship with the natural world. Today, citizens are becoming more and more aware of the serious ecological crisis we face. That is why many are willing to work together to build a fair, transparent, and sustainable food system. As a result, we started to see new emerging innovative plant-based food companies to facilitate this sustainable transition.

Here, you can read about how we helped an innovative alternative dairy company profile its target audiences by building on and enriching its segmentation model.

  • To help enrich the food-based segmentation with lifestyle, values-based profiling, media and tone of voice. This, to ensure better targeting and more effective marketing and communication initiatives
  • To get more insights also about the product-related consumption and competition
  • Provide strategy recommendations on prioritizing and targeting segments
  • Go deeper into the primary target audience and build sub-segmentation based on lifestyle
  • Profile sub-segments that were immediately implemented in targeting

  • Recontact respondents from Glocalities' global survey with client ad-hoc questionnaire, identifying client segments and merge product-related behavior and competition analysis with Glocalities variables on values, tone of voice, media, lifestyle, etc.
  • Building sub-segmentation model using Glocalities variables (lifestyle, demographics, values, etc.)

*numbers and markets were changed to protect the confidentiality of the client

  • Enriched profiles of the main segments with values, lifestyle and product-related behavior
  • Profiling sub-segments of the primary largest segment in depth
  • Recommendation on communication strategy for each segment


Mash Muravina

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