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Glocalities Work for an Innovative Food Start-Up Company

Glocalities helped a well-funded agrifood tech start-up identify their target audience and build its market entry strategy for the launch of a new and innovative type of vegetable. 

  • Identify a tangible target audience based on a revolutionary food product
  • Explore the selected target audience to become familiar with their insights
  • Adjust the concept to fit the target audience and market trends
  • Develop a market entry strategy

  • Using the Glocalities marketing program, we looked into the adoption curve model adjusted in particular to the specific product characteristics
  • Break down the market entry target groups into those who would be the first to buy and experiment with the product and the consumers who will buy it in a later stage of the product adoption curve.
  • Quantify and profile the groups
  • Discuss how the concept should be tweaked based on the groups’ preferences
  • Discuss which countries and cities should be the target of the first launch based on the insights, economic factors, and the company’s particular circumstances

*numbers and markets were changed to protect confidentiality of the client

  • We identified 4 consequent target audiences
  • Quantified and profiled the groups
  • Provided recommendations on how to further develop the NPD and the concept
  • Provided recommendations on which countries and cities to focus for the first launch
  • Provided directions for the marketing to increase the chances of the revolutionary concept being embraced by consumers


Mash Muravina

Sr. Research Consultant

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