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Commercial Due Diligence: Empowering Global Business Decisions

Glocalities leverages the extensive World of Glocalities database to assist investors in achieving successful deals. Our database, which draws from values-based consumer data spanning over 50 countries, provides invaluable insights to validate your investment strategy and uncover the true worth and potential of acquisition targets by providing comprehensive consumer insights for commercial due diligence. We cater to corporate clients, Private Equity funds, and financial institutions alike.

Your Challenge

In today's landscape, evaluating investments in consumer-focused organizations demands an understanding of the value they offer to their target audiences. The varied drivers, motivations, and needs of different consumer generations, along with the cultural disparities across regions, must be considered. To make informed investment decisions, acknowledging these cultural distinctions is paramount. The global Glocalities consumer database equips you with profound insights to assess revenue forecasts and growth prospects, enabling strategic decision-making. We provide valuable industry and company insights, validating investments and uncovering the true potential of acquisition targets.

Key Features of Our Solution

  1. Target Group Analysis: In-depth analysis of the international consumer target audience to validate your investments.
  2. Competition Benchmarking: Access competitor information through our holistic Glocalities approach and database. We also offer customized studies, allowing for flexible research organization.
  3. Concise Reporting Methods: Designed for effective communication, marketing, and investment/credit committees.
  4. Quick Delivery: Our delivery schedule is synchronized with your transaction cycle.
  5. Part of an Integrated Service: Our research consultants collaborate closely with M&A professionals to support your decision-making process.

Our Key Products

  1. Commercial Due Diligence insights:
    • Identifying values among critical consumer target groups.
    • Assessing the competitive position of the target.
    • Evaluating the business plan.
  2. Business Plan Development Insights:
    • Providing consumer insights to craft robust, data-driven business plans with a focus on value creation potential.
  3. Strategic Deal Services:
    • Target Screening and Competitor Benchmarking: Identify and benchmark competitors against key performance indicators (KPIs).
    • Market Entry Insights: Develop specific market entry strategies.
    • Innovative Data Solutions: Apply practical techniques to overcome data collection challenges.

Why Choose Glocalities?

By partnering with Glocalities, you gain access to the validated World of Glocalities model and consumer insights, rooted in survey data. Our comprehensive understanding of consumer values, aspirations, and lifestyles empowers you to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Glocalities information security mangement
system (ISMS) follows the ISO 27001 standards.

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