Cultural Differences: Understanding the Chinese and European Market

Understanding the Chinese Market

China's size and growth offers an opportunity, but it can also be a pitfall. Where do you start? Every target audience that you select in China is sizeable. However, choosing, understanding and reaching the right consumer segment is a significant challenge for western marketers. To overcome this challenge cultural differences research is needed.

Glocalize your organization and brands

Comparing dominant values in China with those in Europe provides a strong framework to understand the challenges Europeans have to overcome when entering the Chinese market. The Chinese, for example, get satisfaction for a great part from the material rewards of their work: they feel happy when they can spend money. Compared to Europeans, buying new things is one of the most beautiful things in life for the Chinese. They think a person may only enjoy something when he/she has earned it, while Europeans more often believe that people may also enjoy something without having earned it. Europeans indicate more often than Chinese that people think too little about what is important in life. How do you glocalize your marketing strategy by adapting to cultural differences? Glocalities can help you with our cross-cultural global insights via cultural differences research.

Cultural differences between Chinese (red line) compared with Europeans (black line)


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