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Van Gogh Museum

With a collection encompassing more than 200 paintings, almost 500 drawings and over 700 letters, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam brings together the largest collection of works by Vincent Van Gogh anywhere in the world.

Understand persuasion techniques and media consumption patterns

Inspire exhibitions that resonate with the look upon life of target audiences

Measure core KPIs such as brand preference, visit intention

‘’Interviewing Laurine van de Wiel, Sr. Marketing Advisor at Van Gogh Museum’’

Challenge and solutions

Could you please tell us a bit about your role? What are your goals and the Van Gogh Museum’s goals?

As a Senior Marketing Advisor within the Insights department, part of the Marketing & Communication Group of the Van Gogh Museum, I am responsible for providing in-depth insights into various KPIs, including NPS, visitor experience, brand awareness, audience preferences, future visit intentions, target audience analysis, and visitor strategies. Additionally, I conduct business analysis regarding visitor numbers, differentiate between national and international visitors, and evaluate timing-related factors and KPIs for our temporary exhibitions.

The core mission of the Van Gogh Museum is to inspire a diverse audience through the life and work of Vincent van Gogh and his era.

What business challenges made you consider Glocalities?

We needed a clear and well-supported strategy to define our target audience. It was crucial to understand what motivates people, so a values-based approach was essential. Additionally, relying solely on country-level data was insufficient because our visitors come from diverse backgrounds around the world. Glocalities' data and insights were an ideal fit for addressing these requirements.

How did values/Persona research help the Van Gogh Museum understand its target audiences better?

In addition to other models we work with, drawing upon insights from Glocalities, we established our target audience groups. Initially, we examined global consumers and subsequently focused on culturally oriented consumers. Within this culturally oriented segment, we discerned six distinct sub-target groups. In practical terms, Glocalities insights guide us in making decisions regarding exhibition titles, determining which exhibitions would resonate with our target audiences, and devising effective communication strategies to engage our audiences.

What is the role of the Glocalities Insights Platform (app) with respect to understanding target audiences better?

We utilize the Glocalities Insight Platform for several purposes. Firstly, it provides us with comprehensive insights into the preferences and unique

“The Glocalities Insight platform proves valuable in understanding persuasion techniques & media consumption patterns, extensively studied by brand marketers.”

- Laurine van de Wiel, Sr. Marketing Advisor at Van Gogh Museum

“The Glocalities Insight platform proves valuable in understanding persuasion techniques & media consumption patterns, extensively studied by brand marketers.”

- Laurine van de Wiel, Sr. Marketing Advisor at Van Gogh Museum

characteristics of our entire target group when compared to the broader population of the Netherlands. Additionally, it enables us to discern differences and commonalities among various sub-target groups.

Furthermore, the platform proves invaluable in understanding persuasion techniques and media consumption patterns, extensively studied by brand marketers. Lastly, it offers pertinent data on sustainability, aiding us in the formulation of our sustainability objectives.

For what business purposes does VGM use the Glocalities insights (campaigns, communication, other) and with what result?

Our collaboration with Glocalities has helped our marketers and communication colleagues to measure our core KPIs. These KPIs encompass critical aspects such as brand preference, visit intention, and our embodiment of brand values.

What advice would you have for others considering our solution?

The level of support needed for using insights to guide target group strategies depends on your organization's size. In a medium-sized organization like Van Gogh Museum (around 350 employees) with a small Insights Department, securing support from the department heads is crucial to ensure effective target group planning and operations.

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