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Segmentation & Creating Personas

The first step of understanding target audiences is  creating personas. User/buyer personas are great instruments to bring your target audiences to life and to give focus to the execution of your marketing/communications strategy. A persona helps give a face to the ideal customer a brand is trying to attract. However, another efficient tactic consists in exploring contrasts and differences. With our large-scale global survey specialized in values, lifestyle, psychology and visual stimuli we are able to create personas of your customers using insights into the human experience, zooming in on different (sub)cultures and markets.

Glocalities NBTC personas Glocalities NBTC personas

NBTC: Chinese Tourists

Glocalities Van Gogh Museum personas Glocalities Van Gogh Museum personas

Van Gogh Museum: Visitors

Glocalities children's fashion brand personas Glocalities children's fashion brand personas

International Stroller Brand

Consumer Profiling for Food Company

Flower Council

Glocalities: Glocalities:

International Travel Company

How to Create Personas?

User personas are very useful for growing and improving your business. They help uncover the different ways people search, buy, and use your product so you can focus on improving the experience for real people and use cases.  To explain how to create personas briefly we can share a few steps here:

  • Do research: this is the first step we help you with quantitative analysis
  • Segment your audience: analyze the data from the research and your customer segmentation is done
  • Understand your persona: after completing customer segmentation now it is time look at it on an individual level which means you need to know the age, the profession, lifestyle choices and many other aspects of your persona
  • Creating personas: this is the time you put a face on your persona and get the information into the hands of the people who will use them.

This is a brief explanation of how to create personas. If you would like to learn more and understand how we can help you with it please contact us.

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