Socializers: sociability seekers who love entertainment, freedom and family values

Socializers compose 13% of our Glocalities respondents. Similarly to conservatives, socializers also have a developed sense of belonging and traditionality. However, they are not afraid to take risks and are open to making new decisions in life, even if these will not prove to be beneficial in the long run. As their label reveals, they are sociability seekers and they value human contact. They are generally disappointed with society around them, as they feel that most people out there are too self-absorbed and do not consider others as much as they should.

Socializers themselves try to acknowledge others and spend time with people as much as they can. Family is important to them and they make enough time for it. The family also represents traditional values for them; however, they do not get caught in stereotypes. On the contrary, socializers value freedom of expression and they are perfectly alright with behaviors that deviate from imposed norms. They see it, for example, as no problem if men do not adhere to dominant masculinity models and show their feminine side.

Martijn Lampert
Martijn Lampert
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