Creatives: open-minded idealists who adhere to self-development and culture

Creatives represent 20% of our Glocalities population. They are people with a strong focus on freedom and exploration. That makes them open-minded idealists, who believe in social change. They challenge social norms about the role and expectations of both genders. Their open-mindedness also translates to a strong belief in freedom of self-expression. Consequently, they especially favor arts and culture, because they see them as an important means of self-expression and of broadening their horizons.

The Creatives are cosmopolitan by nature and they are always eager to experience new things. They value self-development and they have the tendency to look beyond their immediate environment. They believe that getting acquainted with other cultures will help them broaden their horizons. For the creatives, the world is a global village: distances have been minimized and everything is interconnected, allowing the exchange of culture and ideas.

Martijn Lampert
Martijn Lampert
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