Challengers: competitive careerists, fascinated by money, taking risks and adventure

Challengers represent 25% of our Glocalities population. They have a dominant attitude and feel comfortable when they are in control of their life and surroundings. They have a strong desire for power and, just like the achievers, they are willing to work hard to succeed. In order to be successful they do not hesitate to take risks and be adventurous. They very much want to climb the social ladder, which also explains their fascination with money. Their ambitious attitude makes them very competitive in their careers. Continuously improving their status is their top priority and they desire to reap the benefits of their success by spending significant amounts of money.  

Their competitive and challenging mentality is reflected in their behavior outside work as well. They want to make an impact in society and become influential. At the same time, they place great emphasis on enjoying themselves. During their leisure time they like to engage in activities that involve a lot of action and excitement as well as some risk. They are fascinated by violence, which they do not view as negative, because they associate it with action and the sense of being alive. Challengers are true thrill-seekers.

Martijn Lampert
Martijn Lampert
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