Achievers: entrepreneurial networkers, who focus on family and community life

Achievers represent 18% of our Glocalities respondents. They seek a balance between belonging and traditionality on the one hand and social change on the other hand. However, change should happen, according to them, in a structured way and so they seek a certain degree of control in their lives. They are status-oriented networkers, who set ambitious goals and are willing to work hard to reach them. In this process, they do not hesitate to take up challenges that will bring them closer to success. As a result of this, they are often entrepreneurial and independent.

Being successful means being happy for the achievers. However, they do not only associate happiness with work; they also attribute great importance to family and human relations. They believe that helping others is important and so they try to make an impact in their communities by initiating or participating in communal actions. Their desire to make an impact on their surroundings is closely related to their need for recognition and elevated status. Their status-driven behavior often translates to an effort to become as visible as possible, as they rather enjoy being noticed.

Martijn Lampert
Martijn Lampert
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