When market research helps combat extreme poverty

How international values-based surveying provides the Global Goals community with strategic knowledge and tactics for engaging new allies.

Within the framework of the Better Results program, ESOMAR Foundation asked Motivaction to write a blog post about the contribution of market research methodologies and expertise to the Non-Profit sector’s work.

In this blog post, we describe a case study of how values-based surveying can enable the Global Goals community to engage new allies, based on findings from the 24-country survey among 26,000 respondents and the input of experts. The study was featured in media around the world, raising awareness about the societal impact of values-based market research.

So, what were the main findings? Currently, the highly successful fight against global poverty is being lost badly in one critical area – people’s minds. According to the latest Glocalities survey, 87% of people around the world believe that global poverty has either stayed the same or gotten worse over the past 20 years, when the exact opposite is true – it has more than halved. The scale of pessimism and misunderstanding could threaten the tough job of pulling “the second billion” out of extreme poverty. Read the blog post here to find out more.


Read the blog post to find out more


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