Urgent Need for Marketers To Tap Into Muslim Consumer Potential

International survey on the Muslim lifestyle market reveals the urgent need for marketers to adopt a targeted approach to capitalise on the potential of the Muslim consumer.

Martijn Lampert, research director of Glocalities, says:
"Muslims will play an increasingly important role in the global marketplace especially due to the young age demographic and consumer spending as a result of their rising purchasing power."

Glocalities will present the results of the international report "Tapping into the Muslim consumer potential" at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2017 (MLE2017) in Manchester, officially launched this weekend. The report provides profound insights into one of the fastest growing sectors across the globe.

This is the first time such thorough insights will be provided into the Muslim consumer. The research examined the typical values Muslims adhere to while also comparing Muslims in the West with Muslims from three major Muslim countries - Indonesia, Turkey and India.

The survey revealed that Muslim consumers are eager to know the story behind products and brands before making their purchasing decisions.

An exclusive seminar dedicated to the report will be held at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2017 (MLE2017) -  the world's largest platform of the Muslim Lifestyle Market.


Download the full report: "Tapping into the Muslim consumer potential."

Martijn Lampert
Martijn Lampert
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