How Value-Based Consumer Insights Drive Impactful Global Marketing Campaigns

Glocalities and the Flower Council of Holland together at MIE 2020: February 6th, 2020. 

Do you want to know how to create impactful global marketing campaigns on a limited budget? Together with the Flower Council of Holland, we will show you how to growth hack your marketing by tapping into the values and attitudes of consumers across markets.

Meet the presenters

the Jester Archetype

Campaign Manager
Flower Council of Holland

Senior Research Consultant

On February 6th, 2020 Romany and Monique will share with you how we developed a cross-cultural segmentation model to gain a deep understanding of flowers and plant consumers around the world, including their psychology, values, lifestyle, culture and foresee future trends. How they differ across markets and more importantly what they have in common.

The Flower Council of Holland will shed light on how they used these insights to develop an international marketing strategy, craft effective marketing messages and supercharge campaigns in the Netherlands, France, the UK, and Germany. With engaging campaigns that really got people talking about flowers and plants. Not just amongst the consumer themselves, but also in the media. During the presentation, we will show the ads that contributed to strengthen the top of mind position of flowers and plants amongst consumers and grow the Floricultural sector, one of the most important Dutch industries. We hope to inspire you to think global, act local and boost your vitality with flowers and plants!

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Romany Titre

Senior Research Consultant
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