Brand Positioning

Use Glocalities insights to strategically position and develop your brand in a competitive field by aligning with the values perspectives, lifestyle choices and psychological triggers of your (prospective) customers. By connecting your brand positioning with target audiences on a deeper emotional level, you distinguish yourself from competitors and build loyalty.

Values Based Brand Positioning Strategy

Your current consumers are a reflection of your brand image. You can spend millions on brand tracking without understanding what makes your audience tick. With a Glocalities analysis of your consumer base, you immediately understand the return on investment that your communications in the last decade have resulted in. 

Realizing growth always starts by better aligning your brand positioning with the needs of your audience. By focusing on the values of your brand lovers you can deepen market penetration. By better aligning with the values of prospective audiences, you can broaden your brand appeal. Based on Glocalities marketing intelligence, we help identify your opportunities for growth with a positioning strategy.

Intuition, instinct, and emotions are crucial ingredients for most human decision-making. Representative data that captures these, often unconscious, characteristics of people is essential to stay ahead of the game and position your brand in a competitive landscape. We can profile your (prospective) audiences in 27 countries based on our data about values, lifestyle, psychology, and trends. We provide an in-depth understanding of what triggers consumers in your particular market and provide insights into the drivers of human behavior.

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