Segmentation model

Glocalities offers a deep understanding of values, cultures, preferences and consumer behavior around the globe. The Glocalities survey provided a sound basis to construct the robust and sophisticated Glocalities segmentation model.




This model is based on the premise that people’s behavior and opinions are shaped by value orientations that are deeply embedded within persons and society. The Glocalities typology enables organizations to align with consumers more effectively and resonate with their basic values drivers.


The Glocalities segmentation model consists of 5 values segments which are based on cluster analysis (latent class analysis) on a set of values statements from the survey. The segments are plotted on two axes. The horizontal axis shows the extent to which people are open for change and innovation, while the vertical axis shows the extent to which people value freedom and independence.


We have identified the following segments among the world population (clockwise):


  • Creatives: Open-minded idealists who value personal development and culture.
  • Challengers: Competitive workers with a fascination for money, risk and adventure.
  • Achievers: Entrepreneurial networkers who value relatives and community.
  • Conservatives: Family people who value tradition, etiquette and an organized life.
  • Socializers: Structure seekers who enjoy entertainment, freedom and family values.