In the last European elections, Euroscepticist movements have become stronger. The Glocalities survey shows that there is a lot more to the far-right Eurosceptic vote than one-issue concerns, expressed by a one-off protest vote against the EU.




Far-right Eurosceptic political parties throughout Europe have a very distinctive and similar voting base, in terms of demographics, cultural values, political views and general perspective on life. Our Glocalities survey shows that right wing eurosceptic movements in various countries have a lot in common, based on similar interests and life views. Eurosceptic parties across Europe now possess a significant electoral base and pose a challenge for the future of Europe. Marie Le Pen’s victory in France and the success of UKIP in the UK are characteristic. Reference to our study has been made by, among others, Reuters, National Broadcasting Organizations and Euractiv, an independent EU-related publishing society.

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