Archetypes, values cards and trends

Learn about the instruments we use for profiling your target audiences around the globe.





Take a moment to think about how the trends of sharing (preferring sharing goods and services with others), sustainability and flexible gender roles are changing markets and societies around the globe. Each person is affected by these trends to a certain extent. Once you know the trend profile of your target group you are far better able to resonate with their needs.

Motivaction has been conducting trend research in the Netherlands since 1998 and worldwide since 2013. We have integrated a set of 38 internationally applicable trends that are in the Glocalities survey. In our reporting, each trend is visualized with a self-explanatory iconic picture.

“What do I have to gain?”

Based on the scores on the trends, we enable you to profile your target audience(s) in depth to answer questions such as:
• What trends are driving key population segments in each market?
• How can I future-proof my organization by incorporating driving trends?
• How do different generations and countries compare with regard to the adoption of trends?

Trends are a fundamental component of profiling people and offer practical insights and inspiration with respect to dos and don’ts in marketing, communications, policy making, innovation and HRM.

Global village
These people feel that the world is smaller than its size suggests; a village as it were. They consider themselves part of the global community.



Culture of fear
These people are very risk averse. They live a calculated life and adjust their behavior accordingly in order to minimize risks.




"All the most powerful ideas in history go back to archetypes", as the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung explains in his book ‘The Structure of the Psyche’. Archetypes form the basis of the storylines in movies or books. Think, for example, about the hero, the rebel or the explorer.

In marketing, archetypes are all about finding the soul of your brand and then expressing it in ways that tap into universal feelings and instincts among people. For example think about Harley Davidson and the rebel. In the Glocalities survey, we visualized and integrated the 12 main archetypes.

“What do I have to gain?”

Archetypes enable you to position your company or organization optimally in order to ensure a maximum fit between the values that you want to communicate and the storylines that work best among your target audiences.









Values cards

The Glocalities values cards are visual representations of fundamental human values. Based on values inventories from the work of social psychologist Milton Rokeach and cross-cultural researcher Shalom Schwartz, we have developed a set of 48 values that are universal and relevant for market research applications.

Each value has been visualized into a values card, which we have validated qualitatively among people from various cultural backgrounds. We included the values cards in the second wave of the Glocalities survey and asked people to select the values cards that they found most appealing.

“What do I have to gain?”

Based on the values cards that resonate with a specific target audience, you can develop creative communications material and improve your company’s or organization’s positioning. The usefulness of the cards lies in the fact that they activate an additional sense of the respondents – their vision – in order to map their deeply-rooted values.